How managers review leave requests

CiviHR Manager and Admin level users can view and approve leave requests. Before this can happen, CiviHR Admin users need to set leave approver relationships between managers and their team so that when someone submits a leave request, the appropriate manager can review it from his/her SSP.

HR Admins: Please check the Relationships tab of the staff contact page to make sure that all members of staff have a designated leave approver.

To review leave requests, CiviHR Managers will need to go to the ‘Manager Leave’ section in the SSP menu toolbar. Any new leave requests pending a decision will appear as a blue icon in the menu toolbar.

The Manager Leave screen has three tabs: Leave requests, Calendar and Leave Balance. The Leave Requests tab is the first point from which CiviHR managers can view all leave requests.

Managing Leave Requests from Team in CiviHR

The first step is to open <b><i>Manager Leave&nbsp;</i></b><i></i> in the SSP.&nbsp;

This takes you to the Manager Leave summary page.&nbsp;<br><br>Leave request pending action are displayed under the <b>Leave Requests</b> tab.

Click <span class=""><i><b>Leave Type&nbsp;</b></i>to filter requests by different leave types.&nbsp;</span>

Select <span class=""><i><b>Leave Type&nbsp;</b></i>to display all.&nbsp;</span>

Click <span class=""><i><b>Current Period (2017)&nbsp;</b></i>to view leave for this year or the next.</span>

Click <span class=""><i><b>Calendar&nbsp;</b></i>to see all leave requests allocated to you for approval through the calendar view.&nbsp;</span>

Click <span class=""><i><b>Leave Balance&nbsp;</b></i><b></b>to view all leave balances for your team.&nbsp;</span>

At a glance, managers can view the amount of leave requested by each team member and the remaining balance.&nbsp;

To review a request, go to the <b>Leave Requests</b> tab. <br><br>Click the dots against the request pending review.&nbsp;

Click <span class="component"><i><b> Edit </b></i></span>

This brings up the leave popup. <br>Click <span class=""><i><b>Comments&nbsp;</b></i>to view chat history or send a message to staff member regarding their request.&nbsp;</span>

After typing in the comment field, click <span class=""><i><b> Add comment&nbsp;</b></i><b></b>to upload the comment to the leave request.&nbsp;</span>

To change the status of the leave request, click <span class=""><i><b>- select -.</b></i></span>

Select <span class="">the relevant response.<i><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;</b></i>In this example, the request is being rejected.&nbsp;</span>

Click <span class="component"><i><b>Save </b></i></span>

Notice that the request, once actioned, has now disappeared from the pending list.&nbsp;<br><br>If a request is rejected, approved or cancelled, it disappears from the list because no further action is required.&nbsp;<br><br>

To approve a request, click the buttons and select&nbsp;<span class=""><i><b> Edit.</b></i></span>

Click <span class=""><i><b>- select -</b></i></span>

Select <span class=""><i><b>Approved.</b></i></span>

Click <span class=""><i><b>Save.</b></i></span>

If a leave requests needs more information before it can be considered, click the dots.&nbsp;

Click <span class=""><i><b> Edit.</b></i></span>

Click <span class=""><i><b>Comments&nbsp;</b></i>to add details about the type of information required.&nbsp;</span>

In this example, the manager is requesting a back to work interview when the staff member returns to the office.&nbsp;

Click <span class=""><i><b> Add comment&nbsp;</b></i>to upload the comment to the request.&nbsp;</span>

Click <span class=""><i><b>- select -</b></i></span>

Select <b><i>More Information Required.</i></b>

Click <span class=""><i><b>Save </b></i></span>

Notice that the request stays in the table because further action is required.&nbsp;

In summary, the Leave Requests tab allows CiviHR Managers to:

  • Review all leave requests from staff for whom this user is a leave approver in a display table. Requests can be filtered by leave type and action required.
  • Change the leave status to approved, rejected or cancelled by clicking on each request to open up the leave request popup
  • Request more information before taking a decision on an absence request. The request then gets sent back to the staff member to provide more details.

The leave submitter gets notified via email when the designated leave approver takes any action on their request, such as approving, rejecting, adding comments or asking for more information.