How HR Admin updates leave entitlements

CiviHR Admin users can bulk update leave entitlements and absence periods for all staff, as well as tweaking individual entitlement following changes to contracts such as at the end of probation period or after a promotion. The ability to bulk update entitlements makes managing leave quick and simple.

CiviHR Admin: Updating staff leave entitlements

To bulk update leave entitlement, go to the admin menu and click&nbsp;<b>Administer</b>.&nbsp;<br>

Click&nbsp;<span><i><b>Leave/Absence&gt; Leave and Absence Periods.</b></i></span><br>

This is the leave entitlement page. Here users can define entitlement periods for the whole organisation.<br><br>Click <span><i><b> Add new entitlement period&nbsp;</b></i>.</span>

Enter a title for the new leave period.

Add the start and end dates.

Enter the Order.&nbsp;Order represents the positioning of the entitlement period in the table display. Here the default is 3 because there is already 2 absence periods saved in the system<b><br></b><br><br>

Click <span class=""><i><b>Save.</b></i></span>

This brings you back to the Absence Periods page.&nbsp;

Click&nbsp;<span><i><b>Manage Entitlements&nbsp;</b></i>to view and edit all staff entitlements.</span><br>

Click <span class=""><i><b> Yes.</b></i></span>

This is the leave entitlement calculation page for all staff members.<br>Each leave type is colour coded and listed against the entitlement for this period. <br><br>

To correct an error or immediately change an individual's entitlement, click the blue pencil to <b>Override</b>.&nbsp;

Enter the new amount.

Click <span class=""><i><b>Save and go to the next period.</b></i></span>

The e<span class="">ntitlements were successfully updated.<i><b></b></i></span>

The Maternity allowance now reads as 80 days.

For individual, contractural changes, go to the staff contract records to update leave entitlement. <br>

Click <span class=""><i><b> Job Contract.</b></i></span>

Click <span class=""><i><b> View current revision&nbsp;</b></i>to see current leave entitlement.</span>

Click <span class=""><i><b>Leave.</b></i></span>

Check current entitlement. Click&nbsp;<b><i>x&nbsp;</i></b><i></i>to exit.

To alter existing entitlement, click&nbsp;<span><i><b>Change terms.</b></i></span><br>

Click <span class=""><i><b>Leave.</b></i></span>

Select the leave entitlement that needs amending.&nbsp;

Enter the new amount, then click&nbsp;<b><i>Save and Make a New Revision.</i></b>

Click <span class=""><i><b>Proceed.</b></i></span>

Now select a reason for the change.&nbsp;<br>

Choose the relevant response.&nbsp;<br>

Select the date on which the new entitlement will come into effect.<br>

Click <span class=""><i><b>Save and done.</b></i></span>

Check all entitlement. Click <span class=""><i><b>Save and go to the next period.</b></i></span>

The amendment has been made .